Nice to have you here! On this site I show my latest work. It is also the place where you can learn more about me and the way I work. I always wanted to be an artist. Over the years, my style has changed, but I'm still happiest in my studio or behind my desk, creating something new. Below you can see more of my work.



'Celebrate every day'

...........it is a birthday calendar in the form of a booklet (A4) that can be unfolded and put on the wall (A3).
Or a cover calendar in A4 format.
Each month is in the corresponding color and contains illustrations that match the month.

The calendar is available in the webshop for € 27,50


35 cards for €30,-



The Bee and the Captain - Autumn & Winter 

Summer and Autumn AND Autumn and Winter postcards set of The Bee and the Captain
Twenty-part postcard sets of De Bij en de Kapitein, edition summer/autumn and autumn/winter 2021.
De Bij en de Kapitein is a collaboration between Eentje van Margo and Kapitein Kalk. Like-minded artists for whom the plan arose in the spring of 2021 to start working together. With our work and this collaboration, we take you through the seasons by the hand. Margo's refined pencil drawings and Geertje's board drawings complement each other nicely. For this period you have a card for every occasion. Whether it is to send someone a card, or as an atmosphere image for your own seasonal table.
These card sets contain 10 beautiful drawings by Margo Heine Slezak and 10 drawings by Geertje Kapteijns. This set is available seasonally.
The drawings and works of Margo and Geertje have their origin in Waldorf and Waldorf education. Central is the rhythm of the year through experiencing the seasons and annual celebrations and a childhood full of wonder and adventure.
Do you want to purchase one or more of these sets for a school, or do you have your own shop and are you interested in reselling this beautiful set? Then please contact me via email. Then we discuss the possibilities.

Almost finished.....


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